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GEOgraphical Detection
Service Information

Service Information

Enhance The Online Experience
FoundU provides GEOgraphical detection based on information from over 240 countries and over 4 billion IP addresses. There are no databases to update, no software to install and no hardware to maintain. FoundU services are fully cloud based webservice, so you have no concerns over data or technology. | e-City Solutions has been in the GEOgraphical detection business for over 22 years!!

Validation and Rating
We strive for GEO detection accuracy and have created a unique validation and rating process to ensure our detection systems supply an average 95% accuracy.

Daily Network Updates
With continuous validation processes in place, we provide automatic daily updates to our API responses.

Seemless IP Based Detection
The FoundU API allows for seemless integration into your website. Unlike other technologies (like HTML5 which requires user confirmation before detection can be performed, if the user even has an HTML5 compatible browser), the FoundU service is seemless and does not interfere with the users experience.

With the FoundU GEOgraphical Content Targeting System™ you canů.
  • GEOgraphically Target Your Advertising
    Understanding where visitors to your web site are located, allows you to deliver promotional offers and advertising relevant to that visitors geographic location.

  • Deliver Localized Content
    Add a personal touch to your web content and build customer loyalty. The FoundU Content Targeting System™ provides a powerful tool, which makes supplying information that is geographically relevant to that visitor easy and affordable.

  • Enhance The Online Shopping Experience
    Provide an online shopping experience like never before! Tailor promotions, products, even currency and language and serve them in real-time, based on the geographic location of the visitor.

  • Manage Digital Rights
    Abide by copyright and distribution laws. The FoundU Content Targeting System™ allows providers of video, music and other forms of downloadable content to effectively distribute that content in a manner, which adheres to territorial distribution and copyright laws.

  • Enhance Services
    Auto-selection of country on forms, Reduce credit card fraud, Redirect based on country, Filter access from countries you do not do business with, and much, much more!

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US/CA Toll-Free: +1 (855) 4-FOUND-U
UK National: +44 870-479-4902

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